Monday, April 23, 2007

The Human Mind

Try again..give up not
rise,and fly again
You may ask why we try so hard??
Do we wanna 'die' again
The answer lies not in the mind
It isn't the present nor behind.
I know not where and how to find..
the reason why we are this kind
That hardships come and go adhere
the mind in state of daunting fear
OH what will happen now O Dear!!
But still we hold our hearts together and please ourselves..its all for the better
Wat could go wrong is what we ask??
and take the step a one more time
strong and fearless we fight again until
it is the end of time.
This is the power of the 'HUMAN MIND'

Forgiveness - The greatest Being

Everyone makes mistakes.Its natural.Imperfection in nature is where the beauty lies.We as humans are still learning,evolving,every single day.Forgiveness, thus needs to go hand in hand.Unfortunately though,we humans find it hard to forgive one another for whatever wrong we have committed.

Forgiveness,I believe, is the greatest power that the almighty has provided us with.It is the only trait that shows one's true character.To be able to forgive without weighing in the consequences takes a great deal of courage.It is a noble deed and reflects the true stature of the man who can do so.It takes tremendous amounts of faith to be able to forgive, without questions such as why?what for?why me? overpowering ones mind.

However,forgiveness ,as one might otherwise think is not a matter of the mind.The mind contemplates.The heart however is true.We resist listening to it because it does not reason.And therefore ,we most often don't agree to it.

It takes little to ask for forgiveness from the higher power when we ourselves 'wrong'.We expect it.Why then shouldn't we practise the same.We have the power.However it takes a greater being to be able to use it rightfully.No amount of reasoning is involved and only the 'true at heart' can fully forgive without doing so.

Humanity comes first.Then comes right or wrong.Forgiveness is next to godliness,but it's not an easy path to follow.Don't reason with it,just accept it.You will find yourself as 'the greatest being'.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Remember the last time you sat down peacefully and thought about what truly makes you happy.No?Well hopefully,this should get you thinking.
Most of us are so busy with our daily routines that we tend to forget what we aim at achieving as an ultimate goal.What everything in life finally boils down to.No,its not money.That's a monetary aspect.I am referring to something far more superior ,far more real and true, Happiness.
Come to think of it , that's ultimately what we all wish for in life and everything we love provides us with it.If you observe closely enough ,happiness, is just of one type,no matter how you derive it.Whether its through money,fame,success or even shopping, it has only once face to it,a happy face.
What i am getting to here is that one does not necessarily need all the above in order to be happy.I am not saying that one shouldn't want them,they are important,but not at the expense of being happy.However, it takes some courage and effort to do everything directing ones energy to achieving happiness.My advice however is to frequently self-assess your happiness level at 'present'.Don't wait for it to come tomorrow.Make it happen today.Get addicted to it.

This however is easier said than done.There are some changes one needs to make in their attitude towards life to maximize it.Here are some points.

1. Set small realistic goals.More Positive Results = More happiness.
2. Do Charity work.Spend time with the needy.A smile on their face brings a bigger one on yours.
3. Don't look for materialistic happiness.That's always limited by money.
4. Feel happy for others.Genuinely.You will feel truer within.
5. Do something constructive that gives you pleasure, every single day.Be it cooking,dancing,blogging, anything under the sun.
6. If your stuck with a job that you don't like,find another one you like.Try.You cant spend half your life doing something you don't enjoy.It affects your personal life too.You feel down all the time.It hinders happiness.

Happiness is not expensive.In fact its not even for sale.So don't bother trying to buy it.Its there all around.You just need to grab it.It comes small but there is no end to which it can grow to.But it needs nurturing.Constantly.So don't think so much.Be happy.You deserve every bit of it.