Monday, April 23, 2007

Forgiveness - The greatest Being

Everyone makes mistakes.Its natural.Imperfection in nature is where the beauty lies.We as humans are still learning,evolving,every single day.Forgiveness, thus needs to go hand in hand.Unfortunately though,we humans find it hard to forgive one another for whatever wrong we have committed.

Forgiveness,I believe, is the greatest power that the almighty has provided us with.It is the only trait that shows one's true character.To be able to forgive without weighing in the consequences takes a great deal of courage.It is a noble deed and reflects the true stature of the man who can do so.It takes tremendous amounts of faith to be able to forgive, without questions such as why?what for?why me? overpowering ones mind.

However,forgiveness ,as one might otherwise think is not a matter of the mind.The mind contemplates.The heart however is true.We resist listening to it because it does not reason.And therefore ,we most often don't agree to it.

It takes little to ask for forgiveness from the higher power when we ourselves 'wrong'.We expect it.Why then shouldn't we practise the same.We have the power.However it takes a greater being to be able to use it rightfully.No amount of reasoning is involved and only the 'true at heart' can fully forgive without doing so.

Humanity comes first.Then comes right or wrong.Forgiveness is next to godliness,but it's not an easy path to follow.Don't reason with it,just accept it.You will find yourself as 'the greatest being'.

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aashna said...

Forgiveness comes with dealing with the fact that something could've been done differently - but wasn't. It's only once one realises that, can they even come close to forgiving. Or so i think? The biggest mistake could look like the smallest when forgiven. Nope, forgiving doesnt mean you have a bigger heart than mine :D it means, you have the brains to figure that not letting go of whats already happened is not going to help anybody. It's when you realise - - that bothways, whatever is the case, you rather let the incident behind you than let someone who mattered, go.

After proof reading, i seriously think i sound very confused here but its true.

Aash :)