Friday, July 22, 2011

an experince


My Darling.My everything. Today I feel a sense of happiness and peace like I have never felt before. Suddenly everything seems clear. Suddenly I no longer feel alone. You my angel are beautiful . In every sense of the word. I know not how to express how I feel about you but know this,Its the best feeling ever. It all seems to come to me all of a sudden. All our memories rushing in . Memories that you and I cherish together. No one else can take them away from us. They all seem to come to me all of a sudden. I tear up . Cry uncontrollably. I suddenly realize how much I love you. I suddenly realize how with time we humans stop valuing what we have. All it takes is a little help,a sign,a gift, a single memory and before you know it your entire life comes flashing before your eyes. Its like something you have never experienced. It's beautiful. Overwhelming. You are human again. You suddenly realize how wonderful things are . How wonderful love is. How wonderful it is to have someone you love. Its all too sudden but oh so beautiful.So Pure.

I dont know if I can blame this world we live in for making us forget or take for granted what we value most. This constant sense on unhappiness that we feel from things that dont matter. Just like they shouldnt. We keep on chasing them without realizing that none of them truly make us happy. They never will . Cause they are things and things will always remain things, lifeless , meaningless. People on the other hand can love,can feel love,can experience something indescribable . And what better feeling than love.To be able to love.To be loved. It makes you feel like you are on top of the world. Like you are the most special person in someone else's eyes . It gives you a feeling of such happiness that at that time one cant think of anything that would make them happier. And that feeling is probably the truest and the purest thought any human being can experience. Nothing ever comes close. Its then that one wants to just capture the moment forever and never let it pass.It's then when a person wishes he nevers forgets how he feels . Its then that he prays and hopes that life doesnt make him inhuman. That life always reminds him of what's truly important.

Love is meant to be experienced .I am a man who has had the privilege of doing so and I value it greatly. Greater than anything I can ever value. You've given me something so wonderful that I can only return the same to you to make it worthwhile. I can only strive to love you more each day with all my heart and more because that makes the feeling ever more wonderful . The more I love the more love I feel for you. The more I love the happier I feel. The more I love the more wonderful life feels.The more complete it makes me feel. You are someone who has loved my with all your heart . I have never ever thought otherwise. You are the most caring and loving person I have ever met. You have bought me to tears with the amount of love you have showered me with. I never imagined that someone could make me feel the way I do. But you were that someone. You still are. I cant begin to tell you Aashna how lucky and loved you make me feel. I cant thank god enough for giving me someone that has shown me what true love is. Someone that has made me feel like I matter . Like I am capable of being loved . I can never be grateful enough for all of this. The only way I can even begin to give back is by giving you all the love and care I can. I feel like I want to . That's the wonderful part. How being loved makes you want to love back and never stop. How being cared for makes you want to care. How one stops rationalizing and just loves.No logic no right and no wrong. Just pure love.

I dont know whether what I wrote makes any sense but I do know that I feel a certain way and that is something I will always value .I sincerely pray to god that he never takes this away from me and that he reminds me time and again how I feel today. For I know that we all drift apart. We value what we should'nt and take granted things which we shouldn't. But I have faith. I believe we can be good if we truly want to be. I believe in love. I believe that love heals,that love makes wrong right.That love just does something magical yet real. That love changes for the better. I am a witness to it all. You my angel will always be loved. You came into my life by chance but I wont let chance take you away from me. I have and will always love you with all my heart. And If at times I drift and look for meaning in things that dont matter please please remind me of happy times we have spent. Of times we have loved and felt loved. And I am sure I'll come running back to you and hold you like I always do. You my love are MY love and its something I will never let go of.

For always
Yours truly

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