Saturday, June 23, 2007

My angel - Miss Curly Hair

'Loving' is the first thing that comes to my mind.Truly.Gives all she has got..and more.Hyper,carefree,smiling,ready and waiting to sing - states she is mostly in :-))).Sings like no other i have heard.Makes me shiver.A gold mine herself,true at heart and full of life.Giving giving and always giving.Unconditionally.Thats Aashna.Makes you wanna give back everything you have.Loves to talk,loves to eat, a baby within,with clean white bad one!!;-)

Down to earth.Completely.Friendly.Multitalented and someone with the worst sense of humour one could possibly have.'genetic' i think.;-).Utterly romantic at heart.Finds romance in the smallest of things.Writes beautifully.A mirror to her feelings.Highly addictive in person.Someone you cant have enough of.Sensitive,sensible,emotional yet rational.

Aashna.You are the best thing that has happened to me.Know that.It feels overwhelming.In every sense.I want you.I need you.You give my existence 'meaning'.Something missing in me all these years.Finally.Feels great!!You are my definition of Happiness.

Aap naa thein, ye kami thi mujhme
Barson purani nami thi mujhme
Zindagi ka matlab hum samajh na paaye
Phir aap hamari kahaani mein aaye
Waqt ka kaata jaise palat hi gaya
Pyaar kya hota hain woh aapse jaana hain
Waqt laga par aaj pehchana hain
Ab jo bhi ho , bas ise nibhana hain
Saath hain aapka tau kya mushkil zamaana hain?

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Korene said...

Thanks for writing this.